Why eSignature Platforms are Becoming Important in the Modern Day?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In recent years, e-signature platforms (ESPs) have become increasingly popular. They provide the most secure and efficient way of signing documents. Often integrated into enterprise level electronic document management solutions, ESPs are used by companies of all sizes and industries as a means of streamlining and/or automating their often complex and cumbersome business processes.

More and more businesses worldwide are using these platforms to sign business contracts because of the following reasons:

1. Reduce Your Paper Work One of the main reasons why eSignature platforms have become important is because they help reduce your paper work. They ensure that everything is digitalized and stored on the cloud. This way, you can always access your documents anywhere at any time whenever you need them.

2. Easy Document Management With an e-signature platform, you can easily manage all your documents at one single place without having to worry about misplacing them or losing them due to fire, theft, hardware failure or other unfortunate incidents.

3. Track Documents With an eSignature platform, you will be able to track all your documents in real-time so that nothing gets lost along the way. This allows you to see when they were sent out, when they were received back, and if there were any problems with them along the way.

4. Multi-Purpose Use One of the main reasons why eSignature platforms have become popular is that they offer multiple purpose use. A company can use them for internal purposes or even for interacting with customers and clients. For example, a company can use an eSignature platform like SignBulb to send contracts to employees or suppliers.

5. Easy Tracking and Reporting With eSignature platforms, you can easily keep a track of your employees' data and have it at the tip of your fingers. HRs can know the details of their employees and sales teams can record the number of leads generated.