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How HR Managers Can Organise a Paperless Office with HR Onboarding Solution?

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The explosive advancement of digital technology has made it simple for startup businesses to go paperless and get rid of mountains of paperwork related to Human Resources (HR). The main battle right now isn’t to use less paper as it has already been accomplished. Instead, the overwhelming task is eliminating paper, especially the HR department, because this division is constantly involved in operations requiring a lot of paper usage.

The HR department plays the most trivial role in any business or organisation. They are involved with heavy recordkeeping activities like current and past employee data, legal documents, and other contracts. All these forms of paperwork can potentially jam HR Onboarding processes and may even cause significant hazards if crucial documents go missing. So, to deal with this issue, there are many ways to enhance the efficiency of your HR onboarding. Let’s see how.

5 Ways HR Managers Can Go Paperless

In a digital world where almost everything is automated, physical paperwork still sucks up a lot of your time. It takes a lot of time to get new employees to their desks and start working. Picking out and ordering their office supplies, hiring people to take care of the unpacking, bookkeeping tasks, and more seem simple, but they take up an enormous amount of average HR work time.

eSignatures in Human Resources can improve most of your organisation’s crucial HR Onboarding processes. There are a few ways you can organise a paperless office in your Human Resources Electronic Signature processes:

1. Incorporating Cloud-Based Technology

Employee documents, including contracts and information about their staff and jobs, can be stored in the cloud rather than on paper hard copies. As permissions can be customised to allow varying degrees of access by individual and job functions, this not only makes the data quicker and easier to access for the HR manager team, but it’s also a fantastic approach to strengthen the confidentiality and data protection of the information.

2. Electronic Signature for Employee Onboarding

Using eSignatures for human resources and employee onboarding enables the creating and management of electronic forms and documents. HR managers can digitise and automate processes such as offer letters, employment contracts, tax forms, benefits enrolment, and more.

3. Integration of Digital Signature for Recruitment

Integrating digital signature capabilities allows HR managers and new hires to sign important documents electronically. This eliminates the need for physical signatures and ensures a legally binding, paperless process.

4. Centralised Document Management

HR onboarding solutions offer centralised document management, eliminating the hassle of manually tracking and organising paper documents. HR managers can easily store, retrieve, and share employee records and other HR-related documents digitally.

5. Digital HR Forms & Templates

The best digital HR systems include templates for typical forms and documents that can be altered to meet your organisation’s needs. As a result, the templates can be quickly and easily modified to reflect future changes, ensuring that the employee data collected is consistent and organised correctly.  


Transitioning to a paperless office using an HR onboarding solution offers numerous benefits for HR managers and the organisation. Adopting best practices and ensuring effective implementation will lead to a seamless transition towards a paperless office, empowering HR managers to organise their operations efficiently and optimise the onboarding experience for new employees.

Save trees, save trees, save headaches! After following these solutions, HR managers and their teams must concentrate on essential duties like employee engagement and retention rather than recordkeeping and data entry. Chat with us if you want to implement an HR Onboarding solution in your business ecosystem. Visit our website, Sign Bulb, now!