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From Paper to Pixel: Why eSignatures Are Overtaking Traditional Signatures?

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Paperwork has always been a part of the way business was conducted. However, in today's digital age, individuals and businesses are moving away from the traditional paper contract to an electronic version. And in amidst all this, eSignature is gaining popularity among consumers, small businesses, and big companies alike.
Reasons Why eSignatures Are Overtaking Traditional Signatures?
We live in a digital world – we shop online, we bank online, and it's not surprising that our signatures have become electronic as well. Here are some reasons why electronic signatures are overtaking traditional ones:

Electronic signatures are significantly faster than traditional ones because they don’t require printing and mailing documents back and forth between parties involved in the transaction. Documents can be esigned within seconds, while it may take several minutes to sign a document with a pen.

You do not need to carry around a pen or paper to sign a document. You can simply use your
smartphone or tablet to sign an agreement or contract. You also do not have to worry about losing track of what you signed because you can always check your records by simply logging in and reviewing everything that was signed during that time period.

E-signatures are more secure than traditional methods because they use digital certificates to verify the identity of the signer. The digital signature is also encrypted using military-grade encryption technology that cannot be hacked or copied by third parties.

When we manually fill out forms and print them out later on to send them back with signature, there are chances of human errors. E-signatures eliminate the risk of human error.

Final Words
There seems to be a growing trend where eSignatures are replacing traditional paper-based signatures. The good news is that you can also jump on the bandwagon and leverage eSignatures to your advantage with SignBulb. Get in touch with us today and start eSigning your documents.