Digitally transform contracting along the value chain

The SignBold Agreement Cloud for Manufacturing

Take the first step to agile manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing, there are complex processes along the value chain where legally binding contracts are concluded, internal agreements are made, approvals are issued, and a large number of documents are stored between departments - the SignBold Agreement Cloud ™ makes it possible.

With SignBold you can organize your entire contract management transparently and efficiently - with maximum security and compliance.

Uplevel procurement processing with the SignBold Agreement Cloud

Efficient and cost-effective contract processing is essential for Unilever's global supply chain. With the help of SignBold, the company has been able to innovatively transform the contract process for business areas that were previously integrated into a contract management workflow.

Benefits for manufacturers

Connected operations

Improve visibility and collaboration across your value chain. Shorter processing times and lower error rates increase productivity with suppliers, customers, and the workforce.

Fast time to value

Meet evolving demands with agility. Integrate with tools you already use by seamlessly connecting SignBold to your existing ERP, CRM, or HCM.

Reduced costs

Manufacture a more sustainable future by reducing overhead spent on manual processes. Cut costs related to paperwork and the time spent to manage it.

Featured solutions

SignBold eSignature

Send and sign with the world's leading electronic signature solution.

SignBulb Guided Forms powered by SmartIQ

Replace complex forms with an intuitive and assisted experience.

SignBulb CLM

Transform your entire contract cycle with automated document creation, collaboration, workflows and a searchable, cloud-based, central contract repository

SignBold Insight

Use AI-powered conceptual search, clause identification and analysis for all of your supplier contracts.

SignBold Click

Capture consents to standard terms with a single click.


With more than 400+ integrations, SignBold works seamlessly with the systems you already use.


Prepare, collaborate, and sales contracts and other agreements without leaving Salesforce.


Send contracts and approvals for signature right from your Microsoft apps.


Connect Oracle to optimize your workflow, including Netsuite to easily collect, track, and store signatures from customers.


Execute contracts directly out of systems where your teams work, including Ariba and SuccessFactors.

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