Deliver policies and settle claims faster

The SignBold Agreement Cloud for Insurance

Create a seamless policyholder and agent experience

The insurance industry has significantly transformed, with new entrants reshaping who delivers insurance and how it is delivered. Insurance carriers and agencies are adapting to effectively compete, deliver a better customer experience, improve efficiencies and minimize risk.

Carriers and agencies use the SignBulb Agreement Cloud to empower their teams and agents to deliver more value with less paperwork. With SignBulb, you can:

  • Enable customers to sign and notarize agreements from virtually anywhere, on almost any device with a mobile-friendly experience
  • Accelerate agreement turn-around with easy-to-complete forms, advanced workflows and pre-built connections to core systems and agency management systems
  • Support compliance and improve security with digital audit trails, authentication and identity verification tools, and round-the-clock tracking of agreement activity

SignBulb for Insurance Agencies

Agents are on the front line of the insurance business, and staying a step ahead of the competition is critical to an agent's success. Whether your agency consists of just one agent or hundreds, SignBulb can help you:

  • Delight customers with mobile-friendly signing
  • Enhance agent productivity with faster document turn-around time and easy visibility into signing status
  • Book new business faster

SignBulb for Insurance Carriers

Improve customer retention by offering fast and convenient services. Whether your business spans personal, commercial or group lines, the SignBulb Agreement Cloud can help you:

  • Deliver digital convenience
  • Simplify complex operations and reduce costs
  • Mitigate risk

SignBulb Agreement Cloud for Insurance

The SignBulb Agreement Cloud for Insurance is a platform for preparing, signing, acting on and managing your agreements. Use it with our 400+ integrations and our award-winning APIs to speed up transactions, streamline processes and deliver an amazing customer experience–all while maintaining security and compliance.

Featured products include:

SignBulb eSignature

Securely send and sign policy or claims agreements and disclosures electronically, and maintain a complete audit trail. Reach policyholders faster with SMS notifications and simplify claims submissions with drawing capabilities.

SignBulb CLM

Manage the full agreement lifecycle from automated generation to real-time negotiation to storage and search for complex underwriting and claims documents.

SignBulb Identify

Secure access to agreements for new policies and claims submissions by choosing from a suite of proven authentication and ID verification options.

SignBulb Notary

Sign and notarize documents remotely and electronically via a secure audio-visual session. Mitigate risk with a robust, tamper evident audit trail.

SignBulb Guided Forms

Turn complicated policy applications and claims intake into intuitive "wizard-style" interviews to capture customer or policyholder information.

SignBulb Monitor

Provide near real-time visibility into threats and incidents to help you respond quickly and mitigate risks as they relate to your SignBulb agreements and processes.

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