Streamline and manage critical financial processes

The SignBulb Agreement Cloud for Finance

Get the paper out of paperwork

Agreements, approvals, and sign-offs are fundamental to a finance organization. With the SignBulb Agreement Cloud for Finance, you can accelerate any business process that requires a signature, including invoicing, purchase orders, expense reports, audit sign-offs, and many others. You'll also get real-time visibility into the status of every in-process agreement, and a robust audit trail of every completed agreement. Finally, you'll save trees by going paperless.

SignBulb Agreement Cloud for Finance

The SignBulb Agreement Cloud for Finance streamlines critical processes. From invoice processing and regulatory compliance to expense reporting, SignBulb customers are digitally transforming the many processes that require agreements or sign-offs to make their organizations greener and more cost-efficient, providing better experiences and greater convenience for their customers.

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Send and sign agreements with the world's #1 electronic signature solution.

SignBulb CLM

Automate the contract lifecycle with document generation, collaboration, workflow, and a central agreement repository.

Integrate with your favorite solutions

SignBulb offers more than 400 pre-built integrations to help keep your business moving.


SignBulb has multiple solutions that logically and seamlessly take your Oracle applications through closing and beyond.


Streamline processes, from purchase orders to RFPs with SAP and SignBulb.

SignBulb for Finance

The SignBulb Agreement Cloud covers a wide variety of finance use cases. If it requires a signature, approval, or sign-off, it can be done better with SignBulb.

Invoice processing

Collect information to properly invoice customers and feed data directly into your billing system, reducing errors and accelerating billing.

Regulatory compliance and audit sign-off

Streamline your audit, SOX and HIPAA compliance processes with a comprehensive audit trail and retention policies to match your own.

Expense reporting

When employees electronically sign expense reports, you can improve cash management and increase compliance

Inventory sign-off

Embed SignBulb into your existing inventory management forms and processes, saving time, reducing errors and increasing visibility.

Policy management

Easily get employees to electronically acknowledge and sign company policies, helping improve adherence and compliance.

Asset transfer/retirementFor

assets you're transferring or retiring, maintain proper control and records by embedding SignBulb within your existing forms, and linking to your financial systems.

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